Paula Stewart
Paula Stewart
Lifetime Achievements
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Lifetime Achievements
Here's Lucy

Episode Detail: 
Can Harry survive a tonsillectomy and Lucy's ministrations?
Paula Stewart as the sexy night nurse, Miss Dean, in this rare, Here's Lucy episode with Lucille Ball and Gale Gordon as the ailing patient. 

Run time 3 mins, 55 secs
Paula's has also been in:

Love, American Style playing "Actress" in episode: "Love and the Medium" 
(episode # 1.13a) 29 December 1969 

The Big Valley playing "Neta Yates" in episode: "The Royal Road"
 (episode # 4.19) 3 March 1969
My Favorite Martian playing "Nurse Jones" in episode: "Virus M for Martian" 
(episode # 3.26) 13 March 1966
Perry Mason playing "Beverly Garnett" in episode: "The Case of the Golden Girls" 
(episode # 9.14) 19 December 1965
Hogan's Heroes playing "Hilda" in episode: "Hogan's Hofbrau" 
(episode # 1.13) 10 December 1965 

The Joey Bishop Show playing "Mrs. Carter" in episode: "Jack Carter Helps Joey Propose" 
(episode # 3.13) 4 January 1964 (Watch the clip above)

Route 66 playing "Anne Bradley" in episode: "The Cruelest Sea of All" 
(episode # 3.25) 5 April 1963
The Ed Sullivan Show playing "Singer" (episode # 14.18) 12 February 1961 

The Joey Bishop Show

Paula Stewart, with Jack Carter in the Joey Bishop Show. 

Paula and Jack are assisting Joey in his proposal of marriage to Joey's girlfriend Ellie the Librarian. 

The Ed Sullivan Show

Paula Stewart, with Lucille Ball doing their hit song Hey Look Me Over from their Broadway hit musical Wildcat